Are Photo Printouts Still Considered Classics?

Don’t you feel nostalgic when you see photos of your childhood in your family album? Although some of them have become tainted over time, they remind you of those memories with your cousins and parents. You wish to hold on to those memories for life. While you can hold on to memories, you may not be able to preserve those photos for long. Yes, photo printouts last for decades, but only when you take care of them. But does that mean photo printouts are entirely old school? In an era of cloud storage, are photo printouts backdated?

Value of albums

Suppose you go on a week-long trip with your friends. You take three hundred pictures. Do you think all of them will look incredible? The chances of having three hundred picture-perfect photos are slim unless you are an excellent photographer. That’s when you start selecting the ones that look absolutely perfect. And perfect means no shaky pictures, no closed eyes, and no grained photos. That will help make a classic album. Create a personalised photo book with melbourne book printing to add more meaning to your photos.

When you shortlist the photos, you may find only a hundred that looks correct. You can always upload them on different social media websites, but don’t you think printing them is more realistic? Imagine if your parents uploaded your childhood pictures on social media instead of printing them. Would you have the same nostalgic feeling like today while telling stories to your partner about those childhood days captured in that album? Aren’t real feelings more valuable than a rectangular device that only relates to you virtually?

Are photo printouts backdated?

Yes, there is a population that thinks printing photos is useless. Printed photos don’t last. You may end up losing them if you move houses. They may even burn down. You cannot deny these reasons, either. After all, when you upload the entire three hundred photos on a cloud, you know for sure that they won’t get destroyed. All you need to do is log in with your credentials and surf through the albums you want to see. It saves your time and money you invest in printing.

But there are downsides to all these positives also. Suppose you upload your trip’s photos on a social media website. It acts as not only a cloud service but also a reminder every year about how you enjoyed the trip. But the resolution of these photos will deteriorate once you finish uploading.

You will argue that buying cloud services will help to preserve the original resolution. True enough. But do you know the amount of money you have to invest in renting the cloud storage facilities? Photos with original resolution take up a significant amount of space. You may have to resort to printing only a few photos to save money.

There is no doubt that printing photos have different pros and cons. But they are definitely not backdated or not considered classics. Otherwise, photographers wouldn’t be so enthusiastic about providing framed photos of couples after covering a wedding shoot. There are still people who believe in real nostalgia instead of the virtual one.

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