Video and Photo Tips for Beginners

Everything in this world has a set of best practices, and this is true when it comes to video and photo production. If you do not master the best practices in the fundamentals, you would never get the results that you’re looking for. Many people waste your time dabbling around, trying to learn by fire, making huge mistakes and never reaching their potential when it comes to photography and videography. In this article, we want to share with you a few foundational tips that will improve your skills as a videographer and a photographer. These are the baseline skills that every successful photographer or videographer has used throughout the beginning of time. When you learn these techniques, you are walking with the greats, your learning skills that will lead you to a higher level of artistry.


The composition is one of the most important things when it comes to photography and videography. If you think about it, and any physical or visual artistry how things are organized is very important. The composition of your video and your photography matters a lot, it within itself can tell a story, it can create the mood, it can cause interest, it is one of the most important things to learn. In photography and videography, we often talk about the rule of thirds, and this is a technique of composition about where you place the subject matter within your art. Typically you want to have one-third of your screen or picture taking up the subject matter and everything else to be in the background. Play around with this concept as you use your camera to try to highlight your subject matter, you can bring it to the forefront, or you can even push your subject matter to the background to tell a story to follow that rule of thirds, and it will begin to make sense to you.


In today’s world of modern cameras many people will use the program settings to handle the exposure for them. This is true when shooting video or when shooting a photo. It’s very convenient to use this, but it does handicap your ability to control your art. If you watch major movies, TV, if you look at the photography of professionals and talented amateurs, you will understand that they used exposure to create interest, to create drama, to tell a bigger story, to highlight certain things and to just create the kind of mood that they are after. When you only use the programmed exposure settings, you give up this control, and you don’t want to do that. We suggest that everyone learns how to manually expose their videos and their photos. Play around with it and learn how to get different effects by using different settings.

Depth of field

The depth of field is a very important concept, and it very much plays into the composition and everything else that we have mentioned. This is how photographers and videographers can blur out the background and make the focal point sharply and focus; it is how they blur out the foreground and make the background more focused, learning how to use depth of field can create eight a three dimensional feeling in your photography and videography.

Play with all of these concepts, and you will become a better videographer and a better photographer.

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